Even though it ends in 5 rather than 0, the 65th birthday is considered a milestone. It’s thought of as the age when people retire from spending much of their time on a job. It’s the age when Social Security and Medicare benefits become available. And, it reminds parents that it’s time to have another one of those “talks” with children. (If they can recall “the talk” about how babies get here, good—because “the talk” about end of life will be even more, um, interesting).

So how will you get past all of that and enjoy being 65 and over? Here are some suggestions for how to have a very happy 65th birthday:

  • Do some research to find out how to get “the senior discount” at places you enjoy visiting
  • Create a “cloud list” instead of a “bucket list” because it is so much nicer to “store things in the cloud”
  • Find a resource that allows you to write out an interview of yourself about your life’s history and make plans for your future (for example: The Senior Season, by Robert Robotti)
  • Create a “legacy video” based on the theme of your life to watch with your family and friends to make sure they know you as well as they think they do
  • Throw a birthday party that will allow guests to time travel via music, food, party favors, and games that were popular in the year you were born
When the party is over, what you’re really going to want more than anything is to have a “Happy Healthday” when you turn 65. What if your health has been less than prime? Instead of focusing on anything negative, use your memory to recall a time when you did feel well, strong, and healthy.
Allow the good energy from that memory to comfort and support you as you dwell in feelings of happiness. When you do this, you create a new memory—so—rinse and repeat!