Whether you’re approaching eligibility for Medicare or have already begun the search for the Medicare plan that’s right for you, finding the best coverage option is key. But with so many different plans and private insurance companies out there, knowing which is going to give you the coverage you need at the best value can be a challenge.
This is where an independent Medicare insurance agent can help; working with an independent agent as opposed to a captive one (an agent who works for an insurance company), you can receive the information and unbiased guidance you need when choosing a Medicare plan—particularly a Medicare Advantage plan.

What is an Independent Medicare Insurance Agent?

An independent Medicare insurance agent varies greatly from a captive agent. Specifically, an independent agent works (as the term implies) independently of any single insurance company. Instead, these agents take the time to shop around with multiple insurance companies to find their clients the right policy and coverage. A captive agent, on the other hand, only sells policies through a single insurance carrier.

Benefits of Working With an Independent Agent

Working with an independent Medicare insurance agent offers a number of benefits. For starters, when you work with an independent agent, you can enjoy knowing that he or she has vast industry knowledge and has access to plans across many different insurance agencies—not just one. This means you’ll be shown quote and plan options from more than just one insurance company.

Unlike a captive agent, an independent Medicare insurance agent is also unbiased. Ultimately, they have your best interests in mind; they’re more concerned about finding the policy that’s right for you than they are making a sale. Independent agents also don’t charge you a thing. Instead, they get paid a commission by the insurance company that you end up choosing.

Even after you’ve chosen a Medicare Advantage policy, your agent can continue working with you by helping you review your policy when it comes up for renewal and answering any questions you may have about your coverage.

In many ways, an independent Medicare insurance agent is your one-stop shop for all your Medicare coverage needs.